Thursday, December 30, 2021


Prophetic Dream - "In 2 Days"

On October 3rd 2021, I had a dream I was seeing the start of an earthquake. An oil well had burst and I heard it was a nuclear blast. I saw the oil tower shaped like the old Houston Oilers emblem and then the oil platform started to fall. I then saw a huge church steeple fall to the ground. I had to get out of its way as it was falling where I walked, Then I saw another tall structure fall to the ground. EOD 

Out of this dream I heard the words very clearly "In 2 days". Since that dream was on October 3rd, "In 2 Days" would be October 5th, the date shown to me in several ways. I never once thought it was in reference to a literal 2 days (for 2021), but understood it as a metaphor, referencing October 5th, the date in the Yom Kippur dream. The original post of the dream is here and am on watch to see if there is a multi interpretation to it, but the timing of this dream, in reference to October 5th, is now the 7th reference in signs I've been given to that date. Here is this list of references...

1. The Yom Kippur Dream plainly told, "October 5th..." (confirmation #1)
2. The 5.22 years to go to October 5th (confirmation # 2)
3. The Nascar  October 5th capping off that major set of signs (confirmation #6)
4. From my book release on 5/11, 511 days to go to October 5th (confirmation #12)
5. From 10+5+22, equaling the #37 Jersey put on (confirmation #16)
6. From this dream sign, "in 2 days" (confirmation #17)
7. This blog created on 12/29/21 was discovered to be exactly 40 weeks to 10/5/22
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    Another sign is in God's sacred calendar. The 7 year anniversary of Oct 5, 2022, is October 5, 2015. That was Tishri 22, the last day on God's sacred calendar. From that day on sundown, the 7 year countdown began.

 *Signs and synchronicities to 9/12/22

(note: no claims to exactness is being made for 9/12/22, but just Holy Spirit leading me into signs and synchronicity for close to that time to watch for the Japan tsunami)

*March 22, 2021 Lotto billboard sign with 22s, to 9/12/22 is 77 weeks

*Book Release on 5/11/21 to 9/12/22 is 70 weeks

8/22/21 to 9/12/22 is 55 weeks

10/5/21 to 9/12/22 is 49 weeks

*This 17 Confirmations blog created on 12/29/21 to 10/05/22 is 40 weeks

These are all biblically significant numbers marking weeks to the 2 dates I've been shown.

*9/12/21 Sermon “the Great Shakings” with video start at 11:11, answered prayer for one yr anniversary signs to manifest for 9/12/22

From 11:11 on 9/12 to 9:11 on 10/5 is 22 days & 22 hrs

From 2/2/22 to 9/12/22 is 222 days between

From 2/22/22 to 9/12/22 is 202 days between

* Signs (unrealized till later – Holy Spirit lead without any foreknowledge)